About Us

Welcome to Kulayful Silicone Bracelets, your leading source for customizable bracelets, just like the Livestrong bands! We have been in this industry since 2005, and still continues going strong.

The company has two main offices based in Burbank, California and in West Covina, California. It started back in 2005 during the fad of the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Bands. People were going crazy on this, and have been looking for places that manufacture these. We decided to jump into the market and cater the needs of these people. Since that day, we have already sold over a million bracelets.

We take pride on our excellent customer service. We ensure that we have a wonderful and positive office atmosphere to give our clients the best service possible. We understand that due to the customizable nature of the business, each and every customer must be given serious attention. We understand the importance of the promptness of deliver of the bracelets as well as the quality of the manufacturing of the bracelets. Until this date, our priority is to give the utmost customer satisfaction to our clients. We believe that a happy client will refer more business to us, and that is what business is all about.